Bulk Bill Dentist Launceston

Modern Dental treatments and regular, proper oral hygiene greatly improves the longevity of your teeth and gums.

Optimal dental health requires commitment from yourself and your Dentist.

At Tamar Dental we are committed to you and your Dental health.

We strive to form an alliance with you by practicing preventative dentistry and we encourage active maintenance, all to ensure long term excellent dental health.

Our Dentists practice Mercury free Dentistry, so no more amalgam fillings.

We offer Modern Dentistry with the latest options in our extensive repertoire:

  • White composite and ceramic dental materials
  • Removal of Amalgam filled tooth restorations
  • Replacement of missing teeth by:
    • Implant supported crowns
    • Implant supported removable dentures
    • Implant and tooth supported bridges
    • Removable Dentures
  • Restoring teeth damaged by severe wear
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Jaw Joint pain and dysfunction
  • Emergency treatment and pain management
  • Removal of teeth when required
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Hygiene maintenance and support by dedicated hygienist and staff

Following our system of regular hygiene maintenance allows for happier long-term patients.