At Tamar Dental we are committed to you and your dental health, however we also enjoy seeing people that are happy to display their greatest asset - a confident smile.

We understand that confidence when speaking greatly enhances one’s self esteem.

Excellent dental health and hygiene very much accompanies excellent aesthetics.

You may strive for a whiter, cleaner balanced smile, or you may simply just want to regain what you have lost.

Understanding your unique need is our virtue.

Our methods:

  • Assessing your individual suitability for requested and available options.
  • We give customised advice and planning
  • Restoring teeth esthetically using white materials
  • Affordable effective teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic Implant Dentistry
  • Aesthetic removable dentures
  • Aesthetic treatment of discoloured and root treated teeth
  • Removal of un-esthetic old fillings and unwanted amalgam
  • Management of children and adolescents with lost front teeth, under orthodontic treatment