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Most people are aware that teeth decay, that gums deteriorate and losing teeth is inevitable without proper dental care. As we get older, the risk of teeth deteriorating leading to tooth loss increases.

Fortunately, regular and proper oral hygiene and modern dental treatments, greatly improves the longevity of our teeth. To retain optimal dental health requires commitment, not only from yourself but also from your dentist.

At Tamar Dental we are committed to your dental health. 

We practice preventative dentistry, encourage active maintenance and understand that forming an alliance with your dentist can ensure long term dental health.

It also makes sense to start dental check ups from an early age. Please ask our staff about the free dental check program for children under the age of 6 years of parents that are patients of our practice.

Most people would like to keep their teeth and this is the aim for our patients. Unfortunately decay and tooth loss happens, leaving one seeking a suitable solution. We are focused on offering predictable long term solutions to suit the patient's needs.

Modern dentistry has given us more dental options to utilize and Tamar Dental can offer the latest options. We can restore teeth by using white composite filling materials. 

We can replace missing teeth using fixed options including, implant supported crowns and dentures or tooth supported fixed porcelain bridges. If the solution is a removable partial denture, we can provide this as an alternative.

Implants are certainly the most stable and natural method today to replace missing teeth. At Tamar Dental we use one of the most trusted and reputable implant systems on the implant stage and our implant dentist is is a member of Implant team international.

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At Tamar Dental, we pride ourselves on providing personalised customer service at the highest level. Throughout your Tamar Dental experience, our team of expert dental specialists will strive to provide you nothing but the best dental care. We are a team of dedicated, helpful and friendly dental care specialists. We use only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a pleasant dental experience for you.


Ask any member of the team for any questions or concern about your dental problems and how to setup an appointment with one of our dental care specialists. Or, simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will get in touch with you as quickly as we can.


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